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She dealt with angry mobs and armed threats; objects were thrown at her, she was hung in effigy, and her image was dragged through the streets. If Hunt had ordered her to be jailed until she paid the fine, Anthony could have taken her case to the Supreme Court.

Anthony and Stanton were introduced by Amelia Bloomera feminist and mutual acquaintance who had not signed the Declaration of Sentiments and subsequent resolutions despite her attendance at the Seneca Falls Convention.

She headed back east after she learned that an amendment to the U. Gordona historian of the women's movement. Written by leaders of one wing of the divided women's movement Lucy Stone, their main rival, refused to have anything to do with the projectit does not, however, give a balanced view of events where their rivals are concerned.

Her mother, a sullen, withdrawn woman, grudgingly accepted her domestic role as housewife and mother of six. With the press treating her as a celebrity, she proved to be a major draw. As a schoolteacher making only one-third the salary of her male colleagues, Anthony sympathized with many of these demands for equal rights.

The entire section is 2, words. History of Woman Suffrage Cover of Life magazine in The Anthony farmstead soon became the Sunday afternoon gathering place for local activists, including Frederick Douglassa former slave and a prominent abolitionist who became Anthony's lifelong friend.

Susan B. Anthony Biography

In response to the family crisis, Susan Anthony left boarding school, secured a teaching position, and began sending half of her two-dollar weekly salary home to the family. They arranged for the International Council of Women to make its upcoming meeting part of the Exposition by expanding its scope and calling itself the World's Congress of Representative Women.

At the Sons of Temperance state convention in Albany, Anthony was refused the right to speak—she was told that the women had been invited to listen and learn—so she left the meeting to call her own.

Anthony Both Anthony and Stanton joined the lecture circuit aboutusually traveling from mid-autumn to spring. A radical Quaker, Daniel Anthony was liberal in creed and illiberal toward those who tolerated the social evils that he so adamantly despised.

Wendell Phillipsan abolitionist leader who opposed mixing those two causes, blocked the funding that the AERA had expected for their campaign. The last two volumes, which bring the history up towere completed in by Harper after Anthony's death. Anthony presided at the convention, and when the planning committee for national conventions was reorganized, Stanton became its president and Anthony its secretary.

At the organization's convention the following year, however, conservative members attacked Stanton's advocacy of the right of a wife of an alcoholic to obtain a divorce.

Susan B. Anthony

Happersett that "the Constitution of the United States does not confer the right of suffrage upon anyone". At almost the last moment, the U. An idealist but not a dreamer, Anthony worked actively in these reform efforts, serving during her twenties as president of the Canajoharie Daughters of Temperance.

An entry in her diary in read, "Fitted out a fugitive slave for Canada with the help of Harriet Tubman. Anthony Published by Salem Press, Inc. This declaration demanded free education, equality of economic opportunity, free speech, the right to participate in public affairs, and the right to vote.

Anthony died at her home in Rochester, New York. Their father encouraged them all, girls as well as boys, to be self-supporting, teaching them business principles and giving them responsibilities at an early age.

In the four months between her indictment and trial, year-old Anthony traveled to towns throughout Monroe County, New York, giving a talk titled "Is it a Crime for a Citizen of the United States to Vote?

She later explained, "I wasn't ready to vote, didn't want to vote, but I did want equal pay for equal work. One wing, whose leading figure was Lucy Stone, was willing for black men to achieve suffrage first and wanted to maintain close ties with the Republican Party and the abolitionist movement.

Susan B. Anthony

InAnthony attended her first National Women's Rights Convention, which was held in Syracuse, New Yorkwhere she served as one of the convention's secretaries. One of Anthony's biographers said, "Susan became one of the family and was almost another mother to Mrs. Throughout the s and s, Anthony honed her speaking and organizing skills, continuing her involvement with the temperance movement, fighting for equal wages, abolition of slavery, and suffrage.

It became a highly controversial best-seller.Mar 09,  · Susan B. Anthony Born on Feb.

Susan B. Anthony Biography

15,in Adams, Mass., Susan B. Anthony was a pioneer crusader for the woman suffrage movement in the United States and president () of. Susan B. Anthony Research Paper Outline I. Introduction a. In a time where women were thought of to be slaves to men, it was very hard for women to find ways to become a part of our great nation and for them to have the right to vote.

The road to women’s rights was long and hard, which Susan B. Feb 07,  · On March 13,Susan B. Anthony died at her home in Rochester, New fmgm2018.comeen years after the death of Susan B.

Anthony, the 19thnAmendment to the Constitution was adopted, which guarantees equal rights for women, including the right to vote. Susan B.

Anthony (February 15, – March 13, ) was an American social reformer and women's rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement.

Susan B Anthony

Born into a Quaker family committed to social equality, she collected anti-slavery petitions at the age of Mar 09,  · Watch video · Born on Feb. 15,in Adams, Mass., Susan B.

Anthony was a pioneer crusader for the woman suffrage movement in the United States and president () of the National American Woman. Susan B Anthony Essays: OverSusan B Anthony Essays, Susan B Anthony Term Papers, Susan B Anthony Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Susan b anthony essay questions
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