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In fact, investment has been showing signs of improvement and grew in the range of 7. The Bank Group is supporting programs to reduce and respond to violence, to improve the safety and security of women in public transport systems and at work; and we are developing health and livelihood approaches for women in conflict areas who are at risk of displacement, violence, and rape.

Sri Mulyani regretted the decision to approve the bailout, allegedly calling the decision a mistake. Sri Mulyani minta Ditjen Pajak dan Bea Cukai membangun hubungan ini berdasarkan kepercayaan, bukan berarti berdasarkan intimidasi, melainkan loyalitas dan kecintaan.

But not for everyone, and definitely not everywhere: In Liberia, for example, it trained about 2, young women, with an emphasis on job placement and follow-up support. Despite the Century Bank incident, Indonesians have lauded Sri Mulyani as one of the most authoritative economic policy makers in the world.

Globally, women's labor force participation has stagnated and even slightly fallen in some places. Finally, we need to promote policies and reforms that give women more voice, in public and at home. The seminar aims to formulate various policy recommendations to address issues in human resources. In short, the way we engage with these countries has changed.

Untuk itu, pemerintah menyambut baik hal tersebut dan siap bekerja sama. Sri Mulyani has also proposed Rp. She also defends the Bank's continuing involvement in China, India and other middle-income countries against the scepticism of some critics — including Conservative back-benchers who have questioned the need for aid to India.

Apakah itu kerja sama terkait sistem yang terintegrasi atau hal-hal teknis lainnya. In the World Economic Outlook report, the Indonesian economy is projected to grow 5. Today he is the executive director of a think tank called the Indonesian Progressive Institute.

But in the poorest countries, maternal mortality remains unacceptably high, while many women still lack access to basic reproductive health services. It's also particularly true regarding women's economic opportunities.

Selain itu, dia ingin memastikan masyarakat bisa merasakan hasil pertumbuhan ekonomi. The World Bank's initiative in the Sahelone of the poorest and most fragile areas in the world, aims to improve women's access to reproductive and maternal healthcare.

Even in the world's richest nations, it has become increasingly clear that generating GDP growth alone is not enough. Technology changes and developments are judged to not only provide potential but also degrade human employment opportunities, with the prediction, there will be 5 million jobs lost due to technology.

She also revised incentive structures for civil servants in her ministry and began paying higher salaries to tax officials deemed to be "clean" so they would have less temptation to accept bribes.

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In JulySri Mulyani Indrawati was inaugurated as the Coordinating Minister for the economy, replacing Boediono, who was to head the central bank. Those who have paid work earn up to one-third less than men, partly as a result of occupational sex segregation.Dr.

Sri Mulyani Indrawati. Dr. Sri Mulyani Indrawati is the Minister of Finance of the Republic of this role, she has many achievements, such as stabilizing the macroeconomy, maintaining a prudent fiscal policy, decreasing the cost of loans and managing debt as well as creating an environment of trust for investors.

Hal Hill, a professor at Australian National University, writes in The Wall Street Journal that Golkar chief Aburizal Bakrie's triumph over Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati shows that.

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Jul 27,  · As finance minister from toSri Mulyani was known as a tough reformist and was largely credited with strengthening Indonesia's economy, increasing investments and steering Southeast Asia 's largest economy through the –10 financial crisis.

Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Sign in. Watch Queue Queue. Mar 28,  · Hostile questions for the finance minister, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, seemed inevitable; some of the attendees might even stage a protest.

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