Sap business objects bo applications

We have released a statement of direction documenting our long term plans to converge these two solution. BusinessObjects Explorer provides end-users with the capability of quickly exploring and visualizing large data sets. There is no better way than to compare the both companies suite separate components.

The following are the products which are in the category Discovery and Analysis below Figure Visual Intelligence Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office and Analysis, edition for OLAP Predictive Analysis Discovery and Analysis Discovery and Analysis You can also recognize, based on the actual products in this category that this category provides you with products which allows your business users to use the corporate data and build their own analytical content, as all of the products in this category are designed for a business user without always having to rely on the IT department.

It is actually the authorization profiles present the user buffer that give access to SAP applications. Separate parts of the suite differs in the development requirements.

Surprisingly, the authors of the presentation forgot to remind that minor detail we are talking about PowerPlay and XCelsius here.

In the category reporting you also have Web Intelligence, which allows you to provide your business users a self-service driven reporting environment, so that your users are able to create and change their own reports.

Nevertheless, when choosing the right business intelligence platform for your organization it might be a good idea to precisely define your needs, then talk to the technical sales people from both SAP and IBM and try to get a trial version of both platforms and test it in your business environment.

Remembering about their functionality, the usage is embarrassing as every tool requires learning it from the beginning. Once a web service is published, an Xcelsuis Dashboard can utilize and present that data.

The following article analyzes strengths and weaknesses of both BI platforms, with the main emphasis on weak points of both as this kind of information is hard to find in the whitepapers or marketing slides. The default is always WebI.

Infoview It is a toughly integrated web portal to create reports through the web, modify, delete the existing reports, distributing all the BO reports to the end user.

SAP Business Objects and IBM Cognos comparison

Features includes searching and sorting, interactive drilldowns, and various types of dynamic graphical visualizations while navigating through corporate data. Select the correct parameters in the recurring schedule As a last step, I would then schedule Explorer to reindex the Information Space after the file was changed and all will be good.

The analytic applications are fully compatible — stored content might be quickly transformed.

SAP Business Objects Data Services (BODS)

The chain of significant successes brought a leadership to SAP that is the biggest European software enterprise what makes it fourth in the World.

Visual Intelligence is desktop based, and allows users to acquire, manipulate, and visualize data. Cognos simplifies consuming the once authored data.

Here are some of the things we lose when we go to a relational universe: Universes A BusinessObjects Universe is a middleware device that contains a business representation of a data warehouse, data marts, or other reporting database.

Start, Stop, Enable and Disable the servers. The common metadata used for the complexity from users optimizes the work. So what did SAP recommend? Cognos strengths Cognos is a complete performance management system built from the ground on a single, purpose-prepared SOA Service-Oriented Architecture platform.

Business Objects Tutorial - SAP BO

The main investment areas of the future development are: Even the objective summarization seems practically impossible, separate parts and aspects might be easily compared.

Query Studio and Report Studio seem not as well-rounded as possible due to the lack of power and inordinate complexity. In the end, when all the possible comparisons are done, all features examined thousand times and it seems that there's really nothing to add, customers should still remember about other options - SAS, Oracle and Microsoft business intelligence solutions and the strongest rivals of both companies presented above.

In other words, SAP BO can be effectively incorporated with a corporate environment and allows specified users to access, customize, analyze and share data between themselves. The tools in this category are: Because WebIntelligence will automatically try and aggregate multiple values, you need to be aware that if the child nodes have the same name but a different parent value, the child nodes will roll up and display and aggregated value within Explorer.

Xcelsius At its heart, Xcelsius is a dynamic and customizable data visualization software package that enables development of both insightful and engaging dashboards from various data sources throughout a typical organization.What is SAP BO means, full form or BO stands for (Business Objects), is an interface that uses business tools related to front end applications to customize, view and sort business objects in the most compatible form which provides a secure way of accessing the business intelligence (BI) on any device and is typically a reliable tool that analyzes the.


The SAP Support Portal is SAP's award winning customer-facing website, which provides access to support tools, services and applications, as well as related documentation and community content. Rather than being one independent tool, SAP BusinessObjects delivers a comprehensive suite of products that provide business intelligence functionality to empower users to make effective, informed decisions based on solid data and analysis.

All users, from the high-end analyst to the casual business user, are enabled with access to the information they need. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) suite Give business users anytime, anywhere access to decision-ready intelligence with the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite.

Flexible and scalable, self-service BI makes it easy for users to discover and share insights in real time.


Definition or Meaning- What is SAP BO? Full form or SAP BO stands for (Business Objects).SAP BO is an interface that uses business tools related to front end applications to customize, view and sort business objects in the most compatible form.

BusinessObjects Enterprise / SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform SDK Applications Purpose This Document lists sample applications using the Business Objects Enterprise / BI Solution Developer Kit (SDK) for Visual

Sap business objects bo applications
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