Postpartum depression essay thesis

There are studies and literature reviews supporting the efficacy of both types of antidepressants e. This paper will focus on three main objectives, which are to determine 1 the causes of PPD, 2 the most explicit symptoms of the condition, and 3 the treatment or remedial actions that could be taken to avert or alleviate PPD.

There is no question in this situation that harm could come to the mother, or, in extreme cases, the child.

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Essay writing resources from experts Trusted essay writing service Useful writing tips from experts. Postpartum despair if remaining untreated can get worse and have an effect on everyone the stressed out mother comes in get in touch with with expeditiously.

The standard CES-D cut-off of 16 was used to establish the presence of depressive symptomatology. Yoshida et al surmised that the benefits of taking TCAs probably outweigh the risks provided recommended TCAs are being taking, and at the right dosage.

They all agree it is a common problem. And my final objective was to, after collecting all my data, deduce the best possible variation of the cuarentena to fit typical everyday American lifestyles; and if not possible to do so, then steps to take to significantly reduce the chances of mothers suffering from PPD.

Livers and kidneys develop rapidly in babies only a few weeks old, helping to breakdown and filter antidepressants in the blood stream. The Internet was also searched with emphasis on peer-reviewed published journal articles.

More essays like this: We are very close and tell each other just about anything. Negative attitudes towards this form of treatment may have implications for adherence to drug regimes, and even seeking treatment for postnatal depression in the first place.

Clinicians should closely monitor patients to determine whether any serious side effects emerge for a particular patient group or patient characteristic. Postpartum depression is far more serious and might interfere with the woman's ability to take proper care of her baby.

Observed differences are not significant. One study assessed the effects of third trimester exposure to depressants, and up till delivery, indicating that fluoxetine intake during the third trimester produces no significant adverse effects. This critique can also be levelled at previous reviews of this literature, most of which report conclusions based on the overall and subjective appraisals of the writer s e.

Why cigarettes should be banned Learn ways to get support, treatment and more. Screening took place at around 24 gestation weeks. People who take antidepressants show a significant improvement over persons administered a placebo. It was originally used to warn off disease and other possible threats.

The need to establish the consistency of knowledge in nurses has become important due to prevalence rate of postpartum depression.

Postpartum Care Plan Essay Sample

It diminishes the love a mother should have for her newborn. Kohen recommends amitriptyline and imipramine if TCAs are to be prescribed. Studies on breastfeeding were also considered. Nevertheless, fluoxetine is considered to play an important role in postnatal depression.

Brooke Christa Shields born May 31, murdering an unborn child is an American actress and model. The nurses strongly believe they can help in screening when involved with experts and that they would be more efficient if the often were involved in screening and diagnoses of PPD.

According to Beck, C. The literature is evidence is not clear on this point. Data was analysed using analysis of variance for repeated measures to account for the multiple outcome variables. Nevertheless, antidepressants cannot be considered safe based on the available evidence.

Data was collected regarding the use of antidepressants during the past two years, and discontinued use following pregnancy, in addition to the CES-D data.

This disorder associated with hyperactivity in limbic regions of the brain, particularly the amygdala. HIGHWIRE Press is one of the two largest archives of free full-text science databases available, providing access to thousands of psychobiomedical journal articles and books.

However, there was a greater tendency for fluoxetine- and tricyclic-exposed women to miscarry compared with controls. Overall, they surmised that use of fluoxetine by pregnant women requires thorough cost-benefit appraisals, albeit taking the drug during the first trimester appears to entail less risk.

They learn how to recognize postpartum depression symptoms and the risk factors.Sep 02,  · Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Psychosis This paper shall regard Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression also known as PPD and postpartum Psychosis.

I volition discuss the differences between the three, exemplar signs and symptoms, ways of lintel with the depression, treatment, and the yearn term affects on children of women who.

Cuarentenea and Postpartum Depression. 9 Pages Words August Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! Postpartum Depression Postpartum depression is a disorder that occurs in women after giving birth to a child.

Symptoms of the disorder may include: sluggishness, fatigue, exhaustion, sadness, depression, hopelessness, appetite and sleep disturbances, memory loss, over concern for the baby, uncontrollable crying, lack of interest in the baby, fears of harming the baby or self, and decreased libido.

Related Literature about Depression Essay. What is depression? - Related Literature about Depression Essay introduction?? What causes depression? Depression, also known as major depression, clinical depression or major depressive disorder is a medical illness that causes a constant feeling of sadness and lack of interest.

experiencing postpartum depression In parents experiencing postpartum depression, does the Strategy of using antidepressant Compared to using psychotherapy result in enhanced infant-parent relationship and bonding?

More Essay Examples on Medicine Rubric. What is postpartum depression? This is a condition that applies on a woman’s physical and emotional well being after giving birth - Postpartum depression diognosis and nurses proficiency in diognosis of PPD Essay introduction?

The condition is in-form of 3 different categories, baby blues, postpartum depression PPD and postpartum psychosis.

Postpartum depression essay thesis
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