Perseverate on topics to write about

Because the frontal lobes develop slowly and continue their development throughout adolescence, perseveration may first be noticed as a problem long after the injury in a young child.

When it is known in advance that there is a strong likelihood that a student will perseverate, it may be well to pair the perseverative student with a peer who can help him prevent or terminate the perseveration. EB showed a significant frequency effect.

See Tutorial on Inhibition. Students with TBI or other neurological conditions sometimes demonstrate extreme forms of rigidity, inflexibility, and stuck-in-set perseveration. Systematic Reduction of Supports: One possibility for students who perseverate on specific activities is for adults to enter the activity with the student and gradually add additional elements of meaning to the activity, use the activity to teach relevant concepts, and the like.


Finally, perseveration may be associated with a restricted set of interests that dominate activities and conversation. See Tutorials on Flexibility ; Transition Routines.

In all cases, environmental supports should be systematically reduced as the student gains greater internal control over perseverative tendencies. Adults should be sensitive in choosing peers for this role and in training them.

If you're the parent or teacher of an autistic childyou may have heard of the concept of perseveration, or stimming. The most common type of perseveration after TBI is stuck-in-set perseveration, associated with damage to the frontal lobes.

Similarly it is critical for adults to distinguish between perseveration as a neurological symptom, on the one hand, and extreme interest in a topic or extreme persistence on the other hand. Repetition and Semantic Relatedness We attempted to resolve two discrepancies between the results of Exp.

Results EB showed a significant rate effect.


Results EB showed a significant repetition effect. Not all students respond to the same types of environmental management. Some students who are inflexible and perseverate benefit from a specific routine that they and the adult use as a mantra as they try to deal with change or terminate a perseverative activity.

There were more omissions but not more perseverations in the fast rate condition. Clearly which strategy you try will depend on the function of the behavior, as I talked about last timeas well as what works for you, the student, and the situation.

Some students who are inflexible and perseverate benefit from a specific routine that they and the adult use as a mantra as they try to deal with change or terminate a perseverative activity.

One is that they use perseverations to control what seems to them to be a chaotic existence. Prevention Rather than trying solely to treat perseverations in autistic children, parents and teachers should try to focus on preventing them.

A video can also be made in which the student models for herself one or more of the strategies that are useful in breaking a perseverative set.

What is Perseveration and How Can it be Treated?

If, however, the main motivation for the perseveration is the fact that the child feels anxiety towards a situation or activity, the adult should try to catch this in advance, give reassurance to the child, and then move forward.

Pharmacologic Intervention Medications are occasionally used for students with TBI or other disability who have problems with perseveration.

It is less common for students with TBI to experience persistent recurrent perseveration, associated with damage to the language zones of the left hemisphere.Oct 06,  · This video is unavailable. Perseveration is the uncontrolled repetition or continuation of a response (e.g., behavior, word, thought, activity, strategy, or emotion) in the absence of an ongoing occasion or rationale for that behavior or emotion (e.g., the topic or task requirements have changed).

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Rather than perseverate on atheoretical arguments about which children, in some psychological sense, really have learning disabilities, Gerber argued, careful examination of interstate variability might provide evidence that practical economic and policy differences underlie any superficial differences in degree of compliance with federally mandated (identification) procedures" (Gerber,p.

See more synonyms for perseverate on verb (used without object), per·sev·er·at·ed, per·sev·er·at·ing. to repeat something insistently or redundantly: to perseverate in reminding children of their responsibilities.

What is perseveration?

Perseveration, also called stimming, is a repetitive action that people with autism (as well as those with other issues, such as traumatic brain injury) feel compelled to do.

Perseveration can be treated in most cases, but it can take time and patience.

Perseverate on topics to write about
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