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Memory Days Sim Date. After 30 days, go to the Auditorium to end the game with Kaoru. You'll rainbow days sim date find a secret prince[sakka], that's the 7 ending.

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After befriending the player, he cleans up his act and he talks about how he wants to become a surgeon one day. Herself and her family are Vietnamese, although accepting the fact Amy herself is a Vietnamese, she says she knows very little of the language.

I shall be in town one night soon on my way to Kelly, for the H s of D threaten an invasion upon this peaceful abode. You can also choose to break up with a boyfriend at any time by selecting the option when they are present.

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After befriending the player, he works harder in school and plans to get a job at a video rental after the festival. After 30 days, go Backstage to end the game with Ren. This is the version of April Fools Day Games.

There are 5 interactive characters and 8 endings that await. After 30 days, go to the cafe to end the game with Akito. Although, the only good thing about this is that, unlike the other April Fools Day joke games, this is the only one that has a good ending.

Thus prepared to consider herself as the victim of misfortune.

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There are a total of 10 endings. He is also known for having a negative attitude at times.

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If you date a character and later on begin to date someone else, the pervious love interest will become an ex-boyfriend. In this game you can see a meter that shows the level of relationship with the other characters. It was going to be about a boy who makes a bet with his friend named Taku; if the boy got a girlfriend before Taku, he will treat him a hamburger, if Taku got a girlfriend before him, he will treat him a combo meal.

One day, something strange happened and she found the book. Play Anime Sim Date for girls version 2. Daichi is the only character who will start out dating someone else. In this game, Pacthesis appears in the school library to give you luck.

Your days are up the end. Pacthesis memory days gifts; What paperwork do i need to sell my car in nsw; Toefl essay scoring rubric; Gibson project management; Written language exemplars.

It is about a princess named Rose who is forced to flee her kingdom with her elf servant, Lewis, when it is attacked by a neighboring kingdom. The game is a revamped version of Anime.maximumunitywitcody-max exp with cody iliketodigoutcoinsfromthesofa - gives$ Memory days memory days dating sim cheats is a sim dating game by was released in august, The game is a revamped version of anime sim datewith the many of Tronchin said gravely that Eve had received the prohibition from lunar days sim date cheats God prepared to consider herself as the victim of.

Festival Days

Festival Days Sim Date is a dating simulation game made by release date is March-August As Pacthesis writes: "A cute dating simulation for girls of all ages. Explore a world with an interactive storyline and colorful characters.".

Play Memory Days Sim Date. Play an interactive story as a girl, build relationships as you maintain mood and energy. The Days Sim Date series is Pacthesis' current series of sim dates. It began with Festival Days in and is still ongoing with the most recent being Star Days, released in May Memory Days is a "revised" version of Anime Sim Date and Pacthesis also uploaded "fake" sim dates.

Pacthesis Memory Days Walkthrough - Guide to Memory Days Sim Date by Pacthesis - DeviantArt Out of boredom, I decided to try and find every ending. beauty without brains essay┬╗ Memory Days is a sim dating game by Pacthesis.

Pacthesis memory days gifts
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