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Attachment Theory

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What would later become known as learning sets, Harlow described as "learning to learn. The development of infant-mother attachment. He is most well-known for the experiments he conducted on rhesus monkeys concerning social isolation.

Questions raised about mental health studies on baby monkeys at NIH labs

During this time, prisoners were visited by a prison chaplain. Harry Harlow, then Harlows monkey professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin, pioneered monkey research that explored theories of attachment in early childhood. Dogs from group one were released after a certain amount of time, with no harm done.

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Harry Harlow

For his own selfish gain, he decided to use David as his own private case study. Such behavior appears universal across cultures.

Attachment Theory

Clinging is a Harlows monkey response - in times of stress the monkey runs to the object to which it normally clings as if the clinging decreases the stress. Investigators have measured a direct, positive relationship between the amount of contact and grooming an infant monkey receives during its first six months of life, and its ability to produce antibody titer IgG and IgM in response to an antibody challenge tetanus at a little over one year of age.

What, exactly, though, was the basis of the bond? The effects of 6 months of total social isolation were so devastating and debilitating that we had to get the experiment rolling, but we soon assumed initially that 12 months of isolation would not produce any additional decrement.

Konrad Lorenz split a clutch of goose eggs and got half to be hatched by their mother and the rest were placed in an incubator and saw Konrad on hatching. She asked each mother in the sample to bring her infant to an unfamiliar room that contained various toys.

A two-year-old goes to hospital. Attachment, exploration, and separation: At this point, the child showed no fear of the rat.

This potentially undermines their validity. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 46, — It is common to find in many established organisations such practices. What, exactly, though, was the basis of the bond?

Bowlby disagreed, claiming that the mother provides much more than food to the infant, including a unique bond that positively influences the child's development and mental health. The point of the experiment was simply to understand the effects of addiction and drug use; a point which, I think, most rational and ethical people would know did not require such horrendous treatment of animals.

They had completely assimilated into their roles. This has usually developed by one year of age. If an attachment has not developed during this period, then the child will suffer from irreversible developmental consequences, such as reduced intelligence and increased aggression.

Konrad Lorenz supports Bowlby's maternal deprivation hypothesis as the attachment process of imprinting is an innate process.

Harry Harlow

Zimbardo ended the experiment after five days, when he realized just how real the prison had become to the subjects.5 13 When is the CNS most vulnerable? 14 Other Factors ‐ Nutrition ‐ Especially folic acid ‐ Maternal age ‐ Negatively affect development if mom is an adolescent or over the age of 35 ‐ Emotional states and stress ‐ When a pregnant woman experience intense fears, anxieties, and other emotions.

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Attachment theory in psychology originates with the seminal work of John Bowlby (). In the ’s John Bowlby worked as a psychiatrist in a Child Guidance Clinic in London, where he treated many emotionally disturbed children.

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10 Psychological Experiments That Could Never Happen Today

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In the zeal to learn about the human thought process and behavior, many early psychiatrists went too far with their experimentations, leading to stringent ethics codes and standards.

Harlows monkey
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