Cover letters for military spouses

I have loved the experiences I have gained as a military spouse and love all the wonderful Cover letters for military spouses I have met on this journey! There are great employment opportunities that come with a good salary, not to mention some terrific benefits.

In the meantime, read more about military spouses below.

Writing Cover Letters

The DoD PPP-S program allows military spouses to be considered ahead of veterans and ahead of some federal employees for on-base jobs.

You can continue to look for a paid position, but at least you can fill the gaps in your resume. Use your cover letter to sell yourself and your qualifications to gain an interview.

What other factors are most important to you? Make sure to state the position title or job function area of interest in your letter. How important is health insurance? In fact, Department of Labor statistics show the median job tenure of employees across all industries is between three and four years.

I have my MS in Psychology and am pursuing further education to work with the military as a professional counselor. Explain that your spouse who is in the military was required to move to a new assignment and work location every few years, making it very difficult for you to hold steady, long-term jobs.

Just as you need not stick to only one page, it is OK for you to stray from the traditional chronological format. Have a friend whom you know is a good writer look it over and get as much feedback as possible.

Applying for a federal job is normally a lengthy process that can usually take weeks, if not months.

The sheer number of federal jobs acts in your favor. Tip Create a functional resume rather than the traditional chronological version.

Just type in the title of a job in the search box, and it will direct you to a full description of what that job entails. I am willing to work positions I am overqualified for. Components of a cover letter Heading and greeting.

Thank the reader for his or her consideration. Do some work, then take a break and come back to it. A new military spouse resume will help the job search process. Check your second- or third-degree contacts as well. Don't attempt to hide or embellish them and do not offer excuses.

Did you know that the Department of Defense DoD has a special hiring program for military spouses who are on PCS orders with their active duty military spouse? This is why I highly recommend to spouses to find a volunteer opportunity as soon as you arrive at your new duty station.

During this time, I have noticed the same five problems that can serve as a disadvantage to getting an interview in this highly competitive job market. This program is also sometimes referred to as Military Spouse Preference.

This has prevented me from finding long-term employment, which is reflected in my resume but not in my spirit. So, persevere through the challenges, frustration, and disappointment because eventually you will land that federal position, and all your hard work will have paid off!

The Cover Letter All Military Spouses Wish They Could Attach To Their Resume

She is the owner of Spirited Career Services and specializes in writing federal and private industry resumes for military members, spouses, federal employees and DoD contractors. Pick the book that has examples of resumes for individuals working in fields the same or closest to yours.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Do your research and send your cover letter to a specific person, letting him or her know how you learned of the position, particularly if it was through a mutual connection.

This is characterized by my ability to keep my small children happy and excited through several military moves. This shows prospective employers you stayed involved, kept professional skills from getting rusty and made contributions to your community.

Consider getting a certificate or degree for the career you are targeting. Include this on your resume and in your cover letter, as appropriate, for the job you are targeting.

While often overlooked in the past, military spouses are proving their value as they combine talent, training, and unique skills honed by the rigors of military family life.Military spouse resumes for the wife or husband that needs assistance with professional resume writing services in Colorado Springs.

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DOD Jobs / Federal Jobs for Military Spouses on Military Bases

Employed superior sample cover letter for military spouse skills to interface with numerous and significantly varied stakeholders in order to determined and ensure appropriate levels of support were provided to a non-profit organization serving military families.

Military Transition to a Civilian Job Sample Cover Letter. Garden State Court Cliffwood, NJ () Ms. Joey Mondaca B & B Air Conditioning and Heating. If there’s anything confusing in your resume, use your cover letter to clarify and highlight.

Mention military experience, including if you are a military spouse, or even a military dependent. You’re selling a valuable product- YOURSELF!

By including a cover letter with every resume you send, you'll add an important element to your job search arsenal that could make the difference in whether you get the interview.

Military OneSource provides resources to military spouses pursuing employment and advanced degrees.

Cover letters for military spouses
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