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Studies continue to find lifestyle factors and habits that alter breast cancer risk. MCF-7 is the most studied human breast cancer cell line in the world, and results from this cell line have had a fundamental impact upon breast cancer research and patient outcomes.

Conclusion In the 45 years since the isolation of MCF-7 cells, pivotal work using this cell line continues unabated. Psycho-oncology Psycho-oncology is a specialty in cancer care concerned with understanding and treating the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual, quality-of-life and functional aspects of people affected by cancer.

The study of cancer epidemiology usesepidemiological methods to find the cause of cancer and to identify and develop improved treatments. Current Research is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original articles describing various aspects of clinical and translational research of breast cancer.

Some studies are looking at the Breast cancer research journal articles of exercise, weight gain or loss, and diet on breast cancer risk. Removal of estrogen initially slows cell growth, but eventually growth resumes and long-term estrogen-deprived LTED cells have been generated by several laboratories.

This sort of breast disease is called "provocative" on the grounds that the bosom frequently looks swollen and red, or "excited.

Tumor Immunology Tumor Immunology is a branch of immunology that studies communications between immune and cancerous cells tumors or malignancies.

This scholarly publishing Editorial Manager System for quality in the review process. Going forward, it is important to confirm and to validate results in other systems that incorporate more appropriate growth conditions, including growth in normoxia and hypoxia, three dimensions, tension, and coculture with other cell types.

Early reports focused on estrogen regulation of growth factor signaling and action, and this is certainly a key component of how estrogen regulates the cell cycle Finally MCF-7 cells have also provided the platform for the study of aromatase inhibitors in preclinical models.

Inthe year that Dr. Finally, the use of antibodies for measuring ER levels in human breast tumors has helped guide the use of hormone therapy in ER-positive tumors. Over a decade would pass before the Katzenellenbogens discovered that phenol red, used in tissue culture media as an indicator of pH, was a weak estrogen that was sufficient to activate the ER at the high concentration used in medium Related journals of Oncology Research colorectal cancerjournal of AdenocarcinomaJournal of Neoplasamjournal of neurooncolgyChinese journal of oncology, Clinical and Translational oncology, Current opinon in Oncology, European journal of Oncology, European journal Oncology Pharmacy Carcinogenesis Research Carcinogenesis or oncogenesis or tumorigenesis is the actual formation of a cancer, whereby normal cells are transformed into cancer cells.

The stem cells target metastatic tumors by homing in on the stiff environment that typically surrounds them. It covers both the therapeutic administration of ionising radiation radiotherapy and cytotoxic chemotherapy. If you have a new topic, please download the form and send it to us.

It is the largest study ever to investigate how genetic and biological factors contribute to breast cancer risk among black women. External beam radiation is the most common type of radiation therapy for women with breast cancer.

This scholarly publishing Editorial Manager System for quality in the review process.Breast Cancer Research | Citations: 8, | Read articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

Breast Cancer Research (BREAST *This value is. For patients with breast cancer, physical activity and avoiding weight gain are the most important lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and death, according to an.

Journal of Clinical Breast Cancer Research is an Open Access journal, covers wide area for publication in the field of Breast Cancer.

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The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is holding its ninth Special Conference on Advances in Breast Cancer Research.

This program is typically held every two (2) years and addresses basic and translational breast cancer research not typically covered in other breast cancer conferences with a more clinical agenda. The Breast Cancer Genetic Study in African-Ancestry Populations initiative is a collaborative research project that will identify genetic factors that may underlie breast cancer disparities.

It is the largest study ever to investigate how genetic and biological factors contribute to .

Breast cancer research journal articles
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